Terminal software

We recommend the PuTTY software tool for connecting to S2C devices.
For connecting over Ethernet, you can also use netcat.
If you intend to use PuTTY to connect over Ethernet: please note,
that only the PuTTY installation you download from EvoLogics allows selecting the correct end-of-line marker.

PuTTY (Patchend)

EvoLogics Patches to Putty discription:



netcat official page:

You can download netcat from EvoLogics.
netcat for Windows: 


EviNS: Framework

Evologics intelligent Networking Software Framework (EviNS Framework) follows a paradigm of event-driven programming, each module is explicitly defined in form of pushdown automata and is driven purely by discrete events generated internally by event handles, by timers or externally by interface processors. The task of the interface processor is to provide the mechanism to receive and parse this data and pass it to the module. The task of the module is to handle this event, update the state and pass back to the interface processor tuples, to be converted to the appropriate format and delivered via the appropriate interface.


ROS driver for the Evologics Underwater Modems

Shell for SDM

Shell for SDM mode for EvoLogics S2C Underwater Acoustic Modems

Source Code

EvoLogics Repository