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EvoLogics Multibeam for Sonobot 5

The EvoLogics Multibeam is a tailored solution for the Sonobot 5 platform. It offers the advantages of multibeam riverbed mapping in a compact and lightweight unit that seamlessly integrates with the vehicle.

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Download Sonobot 5 Datasheet

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Object recognition

We are happy to introduce object recognition for the Sonobot 5 USV. The new AI-based feature runs onboard the vehicle and allows to automatically detect and highlight objects of interest in side-scan sonar and video feeds

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Quadroin AUV

The upcoming autonomous vehicle with bionic penguin-shaped design made its international debut at Ocean Business in 2021

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Download Quadroin AUV Datasheet

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Learn about qLBL, our new ultra-fast positioning method for confined spaces and shallow waters that allows for up to 10 position fixes per second

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Our all-in-one positioning solution: USBL transceiver with a built-in battery, a stable floating unit with on-board PC, dual-antenna GNSS receiver and WiFi access point - easiest deployment and no extra installations

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Download USBL Buoy Datasheet

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New 30/60 Modems Series

The new 30/60 series of underwater acoustic modems and USBL transceivers with a nearly hemispherical transducer beam patterns caters to various applications that require fast transfers in horizontal, vertical and slant channels

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Download S2C M 30/60 Datasheet


Underwater acoustic modems

Download Modems Flyer

USBL positioning

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LBL positioning

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