Underwater Housings


EvoLogics has a long experience in constructing and manufacturing Underwater-Pressure-Housings. The Housings for all of our products, including the different kinds of modems and batteries are constructed, manufactured and tested in house.

Furthermore, our development activities underwater with AUVs and ROVs, we have specialized in protecting electronics and sensors against water and other chemicals. By combining only a small set of carefully selected materials we minimize the effects of corrosion, even in demanding enviroments like the baltic sea or the dead sea.

We offer our standard housing components in different materials for a range of depth-ratings up to 6000m water depth, in two different inner-diameters. The covers can be prepared for up to 4 different connectors.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirement.

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Material: Delrin

AIMg Stainless Steel
Depth rating: 200m
100m,2000m 2000m
Inner Diameter: 40mm 92mm 92mm 40mm 92mm 92mm
Available inner length: 300mm 180mm 300mm 180mm 180mm
220mm 220mm 240mm
310mm 310mm 310mm
400mm 400mm
Number of connectors: 1 1-4 1-4 1 1-4 1-4
connector types
Subconn: FCR1508,FCR1506, BCR1508, BCR1506
Impulse: LPBH8, LPBH3
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