Configuration Options

The SONOBOT Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vehicle can be configured with different modules and options.

Base Vehicle

  • 2 carbon fiber floaters with jet thrusters

  • body with payload computer

  • simple depth echosounder

  • radio control

  • 10h operation battery

  • Land station with high gain omnidirectional antenna

  • GNSS

  • 2 Transport boxes for whole equipment

  • 32GB onboard storage

  • Battery charger for floater, payload and landstation

  • Basic spare parts and tools

Sonobot with multibeam echosounder

GNSS Options

  • Differential GNSS receiver with RTK modem (Javad)

  • Base station for base/rover configuration (including radio modems and Sonobot integration)

  • Simple GPS Receiver


  • Autopilot with mission planning for autonomous operation, integrated measuring system


  • Simple Echosounder

  • Wide-Band echosounder with Depth and Profile 

  • Multibeam Echosounder (add details)

  • Sidescan sonar 670 kHz (max range 50m, 2cm resolution)

  • Sidescan sonar 340 kHz (max range 150m, 6cm resolution)

  • Front looking HD camera, software integration

Sonobot with built-in USBL transceiver