S2C USBL VideoRay

S2CR USBL ROV tracking system

EvoLogics presents a USBL tracking system for VideoRay ROV:

  • Plug and play - streamlined floating block with built-in EvoLogics "mini" pinger, a perfect fit for VideoRay

  • Accurate USBL positioning for geo-referenced subsea imaging

  • Great performance even in very shallow waters - minimum depth only 2 meters

  • Built-in backup battery - up to 12 hours of countinous tracking after ROV tether failure

  • USBL transceiver, GNSS receiver/antenna, mounting accessories, SiNAPS software - complete system solution is easy to deploy and operate

This USBL solution offers high accuracy positioning to VideoRay owners by simply swapping the floating block of the VideoRay. The EvoLogics floating block is self-contained and self-powered, so that even in the case of a broken tether, it still is possible to track the position of the ROV.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Text and Image