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S2CR 48/78 WiSE Acoustic Modem

S2CR 48/78 WiSE Underwater Acoustic Modem
S2CR 48/78 WiSE
S2CR 48/78
S2CR 48/78 WiSE Directivity Pattern

S2C R 48/78 WiSE Underwater Acoustic Modem

S2CR 48/78 White Line Science Edition (WiSE) underwater acoustic modem provides extra features for developers: it has an embedded firmware sandbox.

This open environment for network protocol developers offers a flexible framework for testing new network protocols: the sandbox eliminates the need to interface each node of the test network to a dedicated PC for running code. Scripts and other programs can be run directly on the WiSE underwater acoustic modem - on real hardware in real-world conditions.

The S2CR 48/78 WiSE modem with a horizontally omnidirectional transducer beam pattern is a high-speed device for communication in reverberant shallow waters, providing data transfer rates up to 31.2 kbit/s over a 1000 m range. High operating frequency ensures great performance even in noisy environments.

The EvoLogics WiSE toolchain allows to build custom firmware modules for S2C modems and opens endless opportunities for new implementations.

Tcl/expect, a tool for automating interactive applications, is pre-installed in the WiSE sandbox.

Following development frameworks can be installed in the sandbox:

  • DESERT framework, an NS-Miracle extension to DEsign, Simulate, Emulate and Realize Test-beds for Underwater network protocols.
  • EviNS, a framework for development of underwater acoustic sensor networks and positioning Systems.


  • Underwater network protocol development
  • Short-range operations in shallow waters
  • High speed communication tasks
  • Data link for AUVs and ROVs
  • Underwater acoustic sensor networks

Data Sheets

S2CR WiSE Series Product Information, pdf


Operating Depth 200 m, Delrin housing
Operating Range 1000 m (2000 m in good conditions)
Frequency Band 48 - 78 kHz
Transducer Beam Pattern horizontally omnidirectional
Acoustic Connection up to 31.2 kbit/s
Bit Error Rate less than 10-10
Internal Data Buffer 1 MB, configurable
Host Interface Ethernet
Interface Connector 1 SubConn® Metal Shell1500 Series
Power Consumption Stand-by Mode 2.5 mW
Receive Mode 1.3 W
Transmit Mode:
5.5 W, 250 m range
8 W, 500 m range
18 W, 1000 m range
60 W, max. available 
Power Supply[1] External 24 VDC (12 VDC optional)
Dimensions Housing ø110 mm x 178 mm
Total length 265 mm
Weight, dry/wet Delrin: 2250/400 g
Sandbox[2] 16-64 MB (extendable, up to 32 GB with SD memory card*)
Toolchain uClibs library, GCC(C, C++) compiler, GDB debugger to cross-compile C/C++ applications for the sandbox.
Tcl/Expect pre-installed

[1] Contact EvoLogics for more information on power supply options.

[2] Contact EvoLogics for more information on firmware sandbox.

Specifications subject to change without notice.