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EvoLogics S2C M High Speed Modem

S2C M mini Modems
S2CM HS (left) and S2CM HS with cable-mounted transducer
S2CM HS Directivity Pattern

S2C M HS Modem

The new high-speed mini-modem offers incredible 62.5 kbps for short-range transmissions.

S2C M modems are fully compatible with S2C R Modem, USBL and LBL ranges. They can extend existing infrastructure and seamlessly integrate into EvoLogics navigation and positioning systems.

The S2CM HS Modem can be supplied with a cable mounted transducer (up to 1.5 m cable length) to simplify system integration for UUVs or diver tracking systems.


  • Communication and positioning for AUVs and ROVs
  • Diver tracking and communication systems
  • Size- and weight-sensitive applications
  • High-speed communication in adverse conditions

Data Sheets

S2CM-HS High-Speed Underwater Acoustic Modem Product Information, pdf

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Operating Depth 200 m, Delrin housing
Operating Range 300 m
Frequency Band 120 - 180 kHz
Transducer Beam Pattern omnidirectional
Acoustic Connection up to 62.5 kbit/s
Bit Error Rate less than 10-10
Internal Data Buffer 1 MB, configurable
Host Interface [1] Ethernet or RS-232
Interface Connector 1 SubConn® Metal Shell1500 Series
Power Consumption Stand-by Mode:
0.5 mW
Listen Mode[2]: 5 - 285 mW
Receive Mode[3]: 0.8 W
Transmit Mode:
3.5 W, 200 m range
10 W, max.  
Power Supply[4] External 24 VDC (12 VDC optional)
Dimensions[5] Housing ø63 mm x 235 mm
Total length:
310 mm
Weight, dry/wet Delrin housing:
1120/330 g

[1] See the S2CM-HS High-Speed Underwater Acoustic Modem Product Information for available standard interface combinations.

[2] User-configurable Listen Mode is only available with a Wake-Up module installed. Power consumption in Listen Mode depends on Listen Mode settings.

[3] Power consumption for the RS-232 interface option. Add 500 mW for the Ethernet interface option.

[4] Contact EvoLogics for more information on power supply options.

[5] Dimensions of a Delrin housing, other builds are slightly larger.

Specifications subject to change without notice.