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EvoLogics S2C Beacon

S2C Beacon

S2C Beacon

Any S2CR underwater acoustic modem can be configured as an S2C beacon - a compact battery-powered device with built-in acoustic release mechanism and floatation collar.

With EvoLogics' patented S2C technology, the beacon is a great communication and positioning performer, optimized for short- and mid- term deployment and easy recovery back to the surface. As a transponder for LBL or USBL positioning, an underwater communication network or relay chain node, the S2C beacon can benefit multiple marine applications.

The Acoustic Release is now available as OEM version!

S2C Beacon


  • Transponder for LBL and USBL positioning
  • Autonomous relay station
  • Autonomous underwater network node


S2C Beacon Product Information, pdf

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Specifications and configuration options

Communication device S2C R-Series underwater acoustic modem or
S2C R USBL-Series communication and positioning device
Acoustic Release Depth rating: 10000 m
Release load: 250 kg, maximum static load: 500 kg
Delrin Plastic non-magnetic corrosion-resistant housing for short-term deployments, depth rating 200 m
Aluminium Alloy Light metal housing for short-term deployments,
depth rating 1000 m
Stainless Steel Robust metal, suitable for long-term deployments in harsh environments, depth rating 2000 m
Titanium Corrosion resistant, suitable for long-term deployments in harsh environments, depth rating 6000 m
1 connector RS-232[1] or Ethernet
2 connectors RS-232 + RS-232 or RS-232 + Ethernet
Power Supply Internal rechargeable battery (24 V, 5 Ah),
other options upon request
Wake Up Module[2] Compatible with:
RS-232 interface (1 connector),
RS-232 + RS-232 interfaces (2 connectors)
Not compatible with:
Ethernet interface (1 connector),
RS-232 + Ethernet interfaces (2 connectors)
Sensors Optional pressure sensor
Flotation collar Easy recovery to the surface

Configuration example

S2CR 18/34 Beacon as a transponder
Quiecent time 100 days with a Wake Up Module
Number of replies 100.000 (2.8 W, 1000 m),
unlimited with external power supply
Housing Delrin
Operating depth up to 200 m
Operating range up to 3500 m
Acoustic connection up to 13.9 kbit/s
Dimensions (with/without flotation collar) ø 200 mm/ ø 110 mm x 515 mm
Weight (dry/wet) appr. 6 kg/2 kg

[1] One RS-232 Interface can be replaced with either RS-485 or RS-422 interface. More interface configurations available by special request. Contact EvoLogics for more information.

[2] The Wake Up Module turns the rest of the device on if it detects incoming acoustic signals or incoming data on the host interface. Once the device completes receiving or transmitting data, it switches itself off.

Specifications subject to change without notice.