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S2CR 7/17W
S2CR 7/17W USBL Directivity Pattern

S2CR 7/17W USBL Underwater Acoustic USBL System

S2CR 7/17W USBL is a depth-rated device for long range data transmissions and USBL positioning, providing data transfer rates up to 6.9 kbit/s.

Low power consumption makes it ideal for long-term deployment. Hemispherical beam pattern is optimal for slant channels. Compatible with S2CR 7/17, S2CR 7/17D and and S2CR 7/17W.


  • Long-range operations
  • Transceiver for USBL positioning
  • Reliable communication link
  • Data transmissions and accurate positioning for deep-sea AUVs and ROVs
  • Underwater observatories
  • Underwater acoustic sensor networks

Data Sheets

Underwater Acoustic USBL System S2CR 7/17W USBL Product Information, pdf



Operating Depth 200 m, Delrin housing
1000 m, Aluminium Alloy housing
2000 m, Stainless Steel housing
6000 m, Titanium housing, available upon request
Operating Range 8000 m
Frequency Band 7 - 17 kHz
Transducer Beam Pattern directional, 80 degrees
Slant Range Accuracy[1] 0.01 m
Bearing Resolution 0.1 deg
Nominal SNR 10 dB
Acoustic Connection up to 6,9 kbit/s
Bit Error Rate less than 10-10
Internal Data Buffer 1 MB, configurable
Host Interface[2]  Ethernet, RS-232 (RS-485/422 optional)
Interface Connector up to 2 SubConn® Metal Shell1500 Series
Power Consumption Stand-by Mode: 2,5 mW
Listen Mode[3]: 5 - 285 mW
Receive Mode[4]: 1.4 W
Transmit Mode:
3 W, 2000 m range
10 W, 4000 m range
40 W, 8000 m range
65 W, max. available 
Power Supply[5] External 24 VDC (12 VDC optional) or
Internal rechargeable battery (optional)
Dimensions[6] Housing ø114 mm x224 mm
USBL Sensor ø170 mm x210 mm
Total length 34 mm
Weight, dry/wet Delrin*: 8500/4230 g
Aluminium Alloy*: 9800/5300 g
Stainless Steel: 15600/9540* g
Titanium*: 13420/8920 g

[1] Slant range estimation is based on the measured time delay, slant range accuracy depends on sound velocity profile, refraction and signal-to-noise ratio.

[2] See the S2CR 7/17W USBL Product Information for available standard interface combinations.

[3] User-configurable Listen Mode is only available with a Wake-Up module installed. Power consumption in Listen Mode depends on Listen Mode settings.

[4] Power consumption for the RS-232 interface option. Add 500 mW for the Ethernet interface option.

[5] Contact EvoLogics for more information on power supply options.

[6] Dimensions of a Stainless Steel housing, other builds are slightly smaller or larger. Marked* weights are estimates.

Specifications subject to change without notice.