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Underwater Acoustic LBL Positioning Systems

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Highly accurate underwater acoustic positioning

S2CR LBL systems bring the benefits of long baseline (LBL) acoustic positioning to offshore and maritime applications that demand highly accurate results.

An array of baseline S2CR LBL nodes, deployed at the operation site, allows tracking and navigating the targets with very high precision and accuracy that do not depend on the depth.

The integrated full-duplex digital communication link enhances the S2C R LBL system with a combined tracking and communication functionality, opening new possibilities for a wide range of applications.

An LBL system features EvoLogics R-series devices in S2C Beacon configuration as baseline nodes.

LBL Positioning System


Key Features

  • Patented S2C (Sweep Spread Carrier) Technology - spread spectrum technology based on extensive bionic studies
  • Accurate LBL positioning with 1.5cm accuracy
  • Combined LBL positioning and data transmissions
  • Can be used in Silent LBL mode (hyperbolic positioning algorithm)
  • Self-adaptive algorithms for reliable performance in adverse underwater conditions, built-in forward error correction and data compression
  • Advanced communication protocol with several data delivery algorithms:
    send and receive large volumes of data with the highest bitrate possible in current conditions;
    send and receive short instant messages without interrupting the main data flow between devices
  • Addressing and networking: build relay chains and underwater networks with broadcasting capabilities
  • Low power consumption and additional power-saving options


  • Positioning of offshore equipment
    Highly accurate tracking of offshore equipment during installation to ensure accurate placement at predetermined coordinates
  • Navigation of ROVs and AUVs
    Track positions of multiple ROVs or AUVs and control their missions with instant commands
  • Cartography
    Locate underwater features with geo-referenced coordinates when used together with GPS or differential GPS
  • Geodesy
    Track small sea-floor movements caused by tectonic drifting or landslides
  • Sensor tracking
    Highly accurate tracking of sensitive sensors and detectors, such as those used in neutrino telescopes, to compensate the drift caused by underwater currents
  • Silent LBL
    Silent operating mode for 'underwater GPS' navigation

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