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EvoLogics S2C Battery Packs

S2C Battery Packs

The S2C external battery pack is a great solution for autonomous deployment of an S2C device that requires an external power supply.

EvoLogics offers a selection of NiMH recharcheable battery packs with different housing options for various oprerating depths, as well as a primary (non-rechargeable) depth-rated Lithium battery pack particularly suited for long-term deployments. A new Li-ion "mini" battery pack targets space- and weight-sensitive applications.

All battery packs are compatible with S2C R Modem, S2C R USBL and LBL ranges, as well as the S2C M range of compact "mini-modems".

The new Li-ion "mini" battery pack (5200 mAh) is compatible with 12V S2C devices.


  • Power source for short- and long-term deployment of S2C devices

Additional options

  • The rechargeable battery pack can be supplied with a battery charging device.
  • Replacement battery cells are available for primary (non-rechargeable) Lithium battery.
  • A separately available S2C Battery Frame can securely hold both the S2C device and the external battery, a mounting option suitable for numerous applications.

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Data Sheets

18S 5 Ah NiMH Battery Pack Product Information, pdf
20S 10 Ah NiMH Battery Pack Product Information, pdf


NiMH 10 Ah
Lithium 119 Ah
Li-ion 5200 mAh
Battery type
Rechargeable Primary (non-rechargeable) Rechargeable
Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) Lithium Lithium-ion
Charge capacity
10 Ah 119 Ah 5200 mAh
24 V 25 V 14.8 V
Housing options/Depth rating
Delrin, 200 m depth-rated
AlMg, 1000 m depth-rated
Stainless Steel, 2000 m depth-rated
Titanium, 6000 m depth-rated
Titanium, 6000 m depth-rated Delrin, 200 m depth-rated
Stainless Steel, 2000 m depth-rated
ø110 mm x 348 mm, Delrin housing
ø110 mm x 348 mm, AlMg housing
ø114 mm x 346 mm, Stainless Steel housing
ø113 mm x 346 mm, Titanium housing
ø150 mm x 566 mm, Titanium housing ø63 mm x 235 mm, Delrin housing
ø60 mm x 235 mm, Stainless Steel housing
Weight, dry/wet
5960/2650 g, Delrin housing[1]
10500/7340 g, Titanium housing
18800/TBC g 940/320 g

[1] Weight in Delrin housing, other builds are heavier.

Specifications subject to change without notice.